Vista 5231

megjelent a Connect-en az uj(abb) Vista, immar nemcsak a CTP usereknek. cd/dvd, x86/x64 valtozatban + SDK. LH Server viszont csak developereknek.


"What’s New:

  • Internet Explorer – This is a build closer to Beta 2, with a bunch of new features:
    • Tabs – Now under the address bar… woo hoo!!!
    • Better Phishing Filter
    • ActiveX "Opt-In" – Practically all ActiveX controls are off by default. Users have to specifically enable the ones they want to use. As a result, the XMLHTTP object that is so heavily used in AJAX websites is now native code for the browser, and not an ActiveX control.
    • Parental Controls – Windows Parental Controls tied into the browser.
    • Favorites Center – FINALLY a better Favorites management experience.
    • QuickTabs – Microsoft one-ups Firefox with an overview screen of all open tabs.
    • Tab Groups (or Tab Favorites) – You can save a series of open tabs as a single group, and open that group as a favorite.
    • Advanced Printing – Multi-page print preview with a default option to print only the selected text. You can also manipulate the margins live and see the results in a "print designer".
    • Developer Toolbar – I’m presuming that this is the same as what was released for IE6.
    • Standards – Improvements to the way IE handles international domain names, and CSS 2.1 support.
  • Networking
    • Network Center – Replaces "My Network Places" and "Network Neigfhborhood".
    • Improved TCP/IP stack – You now have more control over network bindings, and there appears to be more fit and polish to the unified IPv4/IPv6 stack.
  • Diagnostics – Built-in memory, hard drive, and network diagnostics to help resolve common problems automatically.
  • Windows Mobility Center – New control panel to access common settings, such as screen brightness, volume, and power management. It’s reminiscent of a car dashboard.
  • Windows Media Player 11 – It may still be branded WMP10, but it’s definitely v11. The UI is nowhere near final, but it’s still sweet. Definitely worth playing around with."
tovabbi info a What’s Hinted At, What’s Broke, What’s Missing.
update: Thurott apo joval reszletesebben es latvanyosabban ir errol.

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